Timetable changes

A summary of key changes from Sunday 15 December 2019. Please check before you travel.

A summary of key timetable changes

South Trans-Pennine route

Services between Manchester and Sheffield, Doncaster & Cleethorpes

The delivery of new trains to other parts of our network will mean many services between Cleethorpes, Sheffield and Manchester Piccadilly will be formed of 6 carriages instead of the current 3.

An additional earlier service will be provided (Monday to Saturday) from Sheffield departing at 0521 to Cleethorpes arriving at 0714.

An additional later service will be provided (Monday to Friday and Sundays*) from Cleethorpes departing at 2126* to Sheffield (*2116 Sun).

All services will now call at Habrough.

Dore & Totley will gain a new early morning departure to Manchester Airport at 0515.

North Trans-Pennine route

Services between Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds, York and the North East

32 brand-new 5 carriage trains will be introduced on this route bringing with it a large increase in the number of seats available on each service.

On the busiest part of the route between Leeds and Manchester Victoria, departure times for the ‘Express’ services have been standardised to every 15 minutes at 00, 15, 30 and 45 minutes past each hour at Leeds and Manchester Victoria.

Services to / from Middlesbrough will be extended to Redcar Central.

Most Liverpool Lime Street to Newcastle services will be extended to run to / from Edinburgh calling at Morpeth offering new direct journey opportunities to / from West Yorkshire.
In addition, TPE will now provide the first journey opportunity between Newcastle and Edinburgh departing at 0553 (Monday to Saturday) and also a later journey than currently offered between Edinburgh and Newcastle departing at 2214 (Monday to Friday).

Departure times on the Hull route service will be amended with departures from Hull towards Leeds being approx. 25 minutes later than the current timetable with fewer station stops en route to Manchester during off peak times.
Monday to Friday peak time services will be operated by 6 car trains instead of the current 3.

An additional late evening service will run every day from Hull departing at 2308* to Leeds (*2304 Sun) with the last train from Leeds to Hull departing later at 2333.

Calls at Dewsbury will now be in the Newcastle and Middlesbrough to Manchester Airport services as well as the local stopping service between Leeds and Huddersfield.

Stalybridge gains an additional train each hour with the Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough services now calling, reinstating the direct journey opportunity to / from Liverpool. These services will also call at Garforth which is no longer included in the Hull route trains.

Services between Newcastle, Durham, and Darlington to Leeds, Huddersfield and Manchester will be operated by 5 carriage trains instead of the current 3.

An additional late-night service will run Monday to Saturday from Newcastle departing at 0008 to Manchester Airport calling at Durham, Darlington, York, Leeds, Huddersfield and Manchester Piccadilly.

The local stopping service between Manchester Piccadilly and Huddersfield will now call at all intermediate stations, reinstating some previously removed journey opportunities.

On Sundays, Garforth will gain a call in most Scarborough - Liverpool services.

Manchester to Scotland route

Services between Manchester, Preston, Lancaster and Glasgow / Edinburgh

12 brand-new 5 carriage trains will be introduced on this route offering an additional 105 seats per train.

6 new services will be introduced between Liverpool Lime Street and Glasgow Central (3 each way each day).

An additional earlier service will be provided (Monday to Saturday*) from Carlisle departing at 0557 to Edinburgh arriving at 0733 (*0604 Sat).

An additional later service will be provided (Monday to Friday) from Manchester Airport to Carlisle departing at 2310 calling at Manchester Piccadilly, Oxford Road and Preston.

An additional later service will be provided (Monday to Friday) from Glasgow Central to Preston departing at 2101 calling at Lockerbie, Carlisle and Penrith.

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