Planned Engineering Works

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Engineering work is an essential part of maintaining and upgrading the rail network which we rely on every day.

The majority of planned engineering work will take place overnight or at the weekend. Check out the listings below for any changes to train times that may affect your journey, some of which may involve rail replacement coach services when trains are unable to run.

If you need to check your journey when you're out and about, use our journey check tool.

Find out more about engineering work and why it is essential for the reliable operation of the rail network here

Due to the current situation regarding the COVID 19 pandemic, emergency timetables are in operation across all our routes. Our planning teams are currently working to re-plan services for each of the days when engineering work will further impact these timetables which is an involved and lengthy process.
As a result, many of the amendments previously advertised below are no longer in sync with the new emergency timetables (Rail Replacement coach services will no longer be operating) and information shown in on-line journey planning systems may be incorrect until a few days before the date of travel.
Please follow the National advice and AVOID TRAVELING on public transport if at all possible until further notice.

Please see more information on our reduced timetable here

Monday to Friday alterations 25 to 29/05/2020
Weekend alterations 30 & 31/05/2020
Monday to Friday alterations 01 to 05/06/2020
Weekend alterations 06 & 07/06/2020
Monday to Friday alterations 08 to 12/06/2020
Weekend alterations 13 & 14/06/2020
Monday to Friday alterations 15 to 19/06/2020
Weekend alterations 20 & 21/06/2020
Monday to Friday alterations 22 to 26/06/2020
Weekend alterations 27 & 28/06/2020
Monday to Friday alterations 29 to 03/07/2020
Weekend alterations 04 & 05/07/2020
Monday to Friday alterations 06 to 10/07/2020
Weekend alterations 11 & 12/07/2020
Monday to Friday alterations 13 to 14/07/2020
Weekend alterations 18 & 19/07/2020
Monday to Friday alterations 20 to 24/07/2020
Weekend alterations 25 & 26/07/2020
Monday to Friday alterations 27/07 to 31/07/2020
Weekend alterations 01 & 02/08/2020
Monday to Friday alterations 03 to 07/08/2020
Weekend alterations 08 & 09/08/2020
Monday to Friday alterations 10 to 14/08/2020
Weekend alterations 15 & 16/08/2020
Monday to Friday alterations 17 to 21/08/2020

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