Facilities available on board

We’re on a mission to transform train travel in the North and Scotland, investing £500m to enhance your travel experience with new trains, routes and more regular services.

Our journey is well underway – here’s a taste of what you can expect from your TransPennine Express experience. Isn’t it time you got on board?


We've just launched free train WiFi on selected services and there are plug sockets available at table seats in Standard Class and at all seats in First Class, where you can charge up for free. Forget relying on airplane mode!

Food and drink

We’re giving train catering a refresh with new products from local suppliers and a complimentary service in First Class. Get a taste of the food and drink on board our trains.

Seating plan

There are 2 models that make up our fleet of 61 trains: 51 Class 185 and 10 350 trains. View train seating plans.


You’ll find at least 2 toilets on board every train, including one that is fully accessible and has baby changing facilities.

We’ve fitted emergency help buttons and smoke alarms for your safety and we monitor their cleanliness throughout the day to make sure your journey is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


Your safety on board is our number one priority and we ask that you familiarise yourself with the safety notices above the exit doors in your carriage during your journey.

If you notice anything suspicious, like unattended luggage, please let a member of train staff know as soon as possible.

Boarding the train

Get your journey off to a smooth start with these steps to boarding the train safely:

  • Check your seat reservations – coach letters are displayed in train windows, so you know which carriage to join

  • Allow passengers off of the train – make space on the platform before you board

  • Mind the gap between the platform and the train – and use hand rails provided when boarding the train

  • Beware of doors closing – up to 60 seconds before departure

  • Priority seating - is available, so please be ready to give up one of these seats if someone needs it more than you

  • Move down the carriage – this will allow other customers to board safely behind you

  • Don't struggle with heavy luggage – luggage space is provided on board, so please ask a member of staff for help if you need it

  • Check you’re in the right portion of the train – a number of our services are formed of 2 trains that divide en-route and travel to different destinations. If you are travelling on one of these services, check the station departure screens before boarding or listen to onboard announcements to check which part of the train you should travel on

No smoking

We operate a smoke-free policy on all of our trains at stations, including e-cigarettes. This means strictly no smoking anywhere, including vestibule areas and toilets, which are fitted with smoke detectors.

We’d like to say thanks in advance for helping to make the journey more comfortable for everyone around you.


Free train Wi-Fi and power sockets at every seat are coming soon.

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Food and drink

Enjoy a range of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, sweet and savoury snacks on board.

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Download our app and open a world of TV shows, film, podcasts and magazine on your next journey.

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Seating plan

Take a look at our seating plans for our Class 185 and 350 trains.

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Seat availability

Find a seat on one of our quieter services.

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What you can bring on board

What to do if you're travelling with luggage, buggies or pets.

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